Investor Equity Platform

PointOne Holdings is a vehicle for investors to directly own income-producing real estate and benefit from all the advantages of ownership without the burden or risk of hands-on management. We acquire and operate value-add multifamily residential and commercial real estate that yield strong and consistent cash flow.

PointOne Holdings enjoys a reputation in the residential and commercial real estate community as a company that delivers to sellers confidence and certainty of closing: A guarantee that we close our acquisitions on time, and at the contracted price with no last minute renegotiations. This is due to our extensive and thorough due diligence which takes place very early in the acquisition process.

Our primary goal is to generate equity returns, while reducing risk for our investors, by adhering to the following process:

Careful and precise deal selection

Well-conceived and measured deal structure

Intense and effective due diligence

On-point market intelligence

Strict underwriting assumptions and financial sensitivity analysis

Invest fresh intellectual and financial capital

Improve our properties to increase cash-flow and add value

Professionally manage to reduce operating costs and increase occupancy

Divest at the right time for optimal returns

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We offer strong, consistent cash flow plus long-term appreciation for investors

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