Sun Belt Cities Continue to Grow
Atlanta and the Southeast are Among Most Popular Destinations for New Residents

In 2018, Atlanta added 76,000 residents and ranked fourth for population growth. Dallas-Ft. Worth, Phoenix, Houston and Orlando joined Atlanta in the top five.
On the other hand, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago lost residents in 2018. What do all these cities have in common? Located across Texas and the Southeast, all of them offer new residents key amenities that are driving their growth.

The Southeast and Texas Present a Great Opportunity

What does that mean for investors?

In short, Atlanta – and other cities across the Southeast and Texas – need talent, and that talent is drawn to the area because of its relatively low cost of living, favorable climate, recreational opportunities and culture. People relocate to the area for the jobs and stay for the quality of life.
For multifamily investors, that is great news.
This region has enjoyed population growth and a strong economy for many years. Those factors support strong rental demand, which translates into strong and safe investment options in multifamily real estate.
PointOne Holdings has strategically chosen and funded projects across the Sun Belt and in key cities in Texas because we understand and appreciate the opportunities in this region. Our multifamily investments in these areas have resulted in an average of 8 percent cash-on-cash yearly returns and more than 18 percent internal rate of return (IRR).

PointOne Holdings is a vehicle for investors to directly own income-producing real estate and benefit from all the advantages of ownership without the burden or risk of hands-on management. The firm’s targeted acquisition strategy, focused asset management style and attention to detail result in cumulative investor returns targeted at 12 to 15 percent annually. Returns are composed of annual operating cash flow including quarterly distributions, plus proceeds from the sale or refinance of assets. Along with the quarterly distributions, PointOne Holdings provides sophisticated reports and statements to its investors, including financial and operating information. PointOne Holdings’ principals invest in all its deals and are directly involved on a day-to-day basis, executing the firm’s vision with a methodical, entrepreneurial, and owner/operator approach.